Miss Suitcase in Business

Let’s get social!

Miss Suitcase is created by me, Evelien van Veen. As a travel professional, I am continuously conquering the world and using this blog to share my experiences with the world. In my “daily life” I am working in travel marketing, with a strong focus on online marketing. Working on getting “Social” by using Social Media, and all the opportunities that come with it, is one of my passions.

If your organization would like to get more social, it is important to execute an analysis first. Because it might be usefull to know IF your clients are to be found on platforms as Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Youtube or other channels. Once you have established if and who are to be found on the social platforms, start thinking about a strategy. Don’t just post stuff on Facebook, write a blog because everyone does it or create a company profile on Linkedin because you don’t want to be missing out. That is going to be a waste of time. Develop a strategy, one that gives you a direction for your activities.

Ok, if all of the above has been done, you can start getting more and more social and start benefitting from the popularity of Social Media.

No time to analyse and plan ahead? I am happy to help. Please drop me an e-mail or give me a call and let’s get social!

Miss Suitcase
Evelien van Veen

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