Who is Miss Suitcase


Who is Miss Suitcase?

My name is Evelien – or Evie as people know me – and I made my hobby my work. For me, traveling is a lifestyle. It’s not about how far you go, but about where you go and what you experience. Whether it’s a weekend in Antwerp, a day of exploring my hometown Amsterdam or traveling to the other side of the world; this world never stops amazing me.

I love sharing experiences, advising my friends on the new hotspots in The Netherlands and abroad and sharing my stories with the world!

And after taking one too many (can one ever take too many?) pictures and writing yet another Tripadvisor review, I decided to start my own blog and share my travel stories with the world.

” Don’t be afraid to get lost” 

Traveling is all about NOT being a tourist. Discover the unknown, talk to locals and visit them, go off the beaten track and turn right where everyone turns left. Don’t be afraid to get lost, embrace your disconnection and be a traveler – not a tourist.

I have made many friends around the world. On my Facebook page and in my blog I share not only mine, but also tips and travels of my friends around the world.

http://www.miss-suitcase.com – @ mail.miss.suitcase@gmail.com

Miss Suitcase in Business

Look here for more information.

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